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The growing trend of vapour inhalers are the results of the multiple benefits delivered by this method of inhalation. The advantages are many, in terms of reduced risk, savings and even more important of the pleasantness of the experience. The innovative inhalation system of the pre-dosed and ready to use hapac sachets allows an easy and convenient use without the complex preparation process required with traditional vaporisers.


Vaping "heat not burn" is less risky than smoking

Surely the main reason that drives so many people around the world to fight smoking addiction is health.

 The vaporisers hap heat and do not burn the herb of natural CBD releasing all its properties. In this way the lungs do not inhale the toxic and harmful substances released by the combustion process.

Furthermore, most cannabinoids are destroyed in the combustion process. The resulting smoke is composed of waste materials or inactive particles. With vaporization, 95% of the cannabinoid particles and the bioavailability of the active ingredients are saved.

The hapac sachets have been tested by an independent toxicological laboratory and produce very low emissions during vaporisation. The results of the analyses show emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) equivalent to "environmental exposure”

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Convenience, simplicity, cleanliness and sustainability

Using hap in combination with hapac is very simple and does not require long and complex preparation. It is not necessary to have a grinder, there is no mess and waste. The vaporiser does not require cleaning after use, saving time and maintenance of the device.

The hapac sachets once used can be safely composted.

Less pungent smell

With no combustion the vapour generated is less dense and pungent compared to smoke.

Even the environment in which we live, the house, the car will be free of pungent, indiscreet smoke, and we will not need the ashtray.

Dosage control

The hapac sachets are all pre-dosed with 0.25g. of pre-ground natural CBD making it easier to manage consumption. They are specially designed for dry-herb vaporisers and produced with precision high quality automated machinery. Each sachet always offers the same amount of active ingredients and benefits for a consistent and controlled dosage.

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hap is only for Adult use