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What’s hap?


hap is the new measured-dose inhalable system...

hap has been developed and designed in London, UK and allows to ‘heat and not burn’ natural herbs with CBD. The inhaler is used with hapac ready to use filter paper packs of pre-ground CBD for a precise and controlled dosage. It is easy and convenient, it does not need a complex preparation and frequent cleaning of the vaporiser. Once used the hapac sachets can be safely composted.

hap zero-combustion, more well-being

As there is no combustion, the consumer is not exposed to the toxicity of smoking. The precise and controlled dosage allows consumers to regulate their consumption. The bioavailability is maximum since the active ingredients and the benefits of natural CBD are not burned and do not go up in smoke. hap heats up to about 210-220 degrees, adjustable according to the amount of vapour you want to inhale without the unpleasant effects of smoke and ash. The benefits are felt immediately because inhalation is the fastest way to take on the properties of natural CBD.


Intellectual property

hapac® is a patent-pending innovation (UK Patent Application No. 1615359.5) and the design is registered in the EU, USA and Canada.

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hap is only for Adult use