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How to use hap

Using hap in combination with hapac sachets is very simple. It does not need long and complicated preparations, there is no dirt or mess and does not need frequent cleaning.

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How to start and use hap?

Turn your hap on by triple-clicking the on/off button, select the temperature (we recommend 210-220C/410F) using the + and - buttons, then click the on/off button.

Now the temperature of the oven is rising, you see the run numbers going up. It will take 30-45 seconds to heat up. However, please wait until your vaporiser vibrates - only at this point is the hapac sachet fully heated through and ready to use.

How do you know when the sachet is finished?

After about 12 to 15 puffs, depending on the set temperature, you will begin to feel a little taste of herb and more taste of paper. At that point it is recommended to turn off hap and remove the hapac sachet by pulling it from the tab. Be careful, however, that the oven is hot. Doing this promptly helps keep the oven clean - ready for the next time.

Can we use hap when it is being charged?

The vaporiser can be used while it is being charged, but we recommend a charge of at least two hours before use. Charging is recommended whenever the indicator shows the half-full battery.

What happens if the vaporiser is left on?

hap has some smart functions in it. Among these it has an automatic switch- off function after 8 minutes if not used. Moreover the temperature of the oven decreases automatically if you leave hap idle in order to save the battery charge.

How to load hapac into hap?

To start, fold your hapac sachet as shown.

Push it down into the oven, replace the lid and press the hapac down firmly to ensure it is properly seated.

Make sure you leave the tab sticking out so it is easy to remove the hapac sachet once you are finished.

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What is the ideal temperature to set hap?

The temperature of the vaporiser oven does not exceed 225C degrees therefore below the combustion point. The average optimal temperature is between 180C and 210C degrees. At higher temperatures you get more visible vapour, but if you want to explore the subtle flavours that vaping flower unlocks, turn the heat down. For the first use, especially if you are not used to vaporisation, we recommend setting the hap temperature to 210C-220C degrees to obtain a satisfying vapour and taste experience. Afterwards, depending on the use, the consumer can adjust the temperature up to 190C degrees obtaining less vapour but a longer duration of the hapac sachet. Below this temperature the steam would be too thin and would have little flavour.

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hap is only for Adult use